Y’all, I’m a mess.  I’m a mess mentally, spiritually, and for sure physically.  There are 2 Tim
many things about myself that I’m not happy with, or would like to change.  I’ve recently turned 34 and things just aren’t working out the way I figured it would when I was a kid.

So, I’ve decided to fix it, to Heal myself through the Strength of the Lord.  And I’m going to do it three weeks at a time.  Healing doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time and purpose.  It takes right at 21 days to make a real life-changing habit.  How do I know?  I’ve done it before.  Multiple times.

Eight years ago I had a revelation concerning the popular saying, “21 days to make a habit.”  This didn’t have to be about “doing” something, necessarily, it could be about “not doing” something.  Moving forward with this new mentality, and a good dose of prayer, allowed me to completely give up candy, desserts, sodas, sweet tea, and even donuts!  And guess what that did.  Resulted in a 115 lb weight loss.  No joke.  No gimmick.  Just determination.  (If you’d like to read more about those first Habits of Healing, check out the How It All Began page.)

But that was eight years ago, and time changes things, so I’ve decided to give it another shot.  I don’t plan on just cutting out the bad things – it’s not enough anymore.  I’ve got to add in the good things too.  And I’ll do just that, one Habit at a time.  I’m holding on to 2 Timothy 1:7 while I learn to love myself mind, spirit, and body.  I pray that you’ll join me on this journey of Healing.



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